We provide expert project management for investor property rehabs in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas.

Our goal is to reduce risks for real estate investors by managing the process and details of flipping their investment properties and to assist investors in achieving successful, hassle-free property rehabs.

How can I benefit from having a project manager? 

  • Reduce risk
  • Quality control
  • Ensure results
  • Stay on budget
  • Maintain timeline and schedule
  • Minimize unforeseen expenses

What does Cornerstone Project Management have to offer?

  • Thorough property inspections that yield accurate estimates for pricing and timeline
  • Knowledge of industry standards
  • Understanding of market pricing
  • Experience negotiating with contractors
  • Awareness of area comps
  • Familiarity with current design trends
  • Ability to see the project to completion in a timely and financially efficient manner


How does this work?

Cornerstone Project Management is a full service project management company for investors.  We start out with creating a detailed scope of work and establish budgets for the rehab.  Once the estimate is approved by the investor, we line up contractors and sub-contractors.  We have the contractor sign a thorough contract agreement.  The contract agreement consists of timelines with start and finish dates.  It also sets up the phases and phase payments for the contractor. Cornerstone monitors and pays out the phase payments in a manor to protect the investor’s interest.

Cornerstone monitors the progress and quality of the rehab by visiting the project a minimum of once a week.  We send the investor a detailed weekly progress report with pictures of the progress.  The investor is notified in a timely manner of any issues or extras that occur.

We schedule any necessary city inspections and notify the client of any additional items that are required from the inspection. We ensure there isn’t more money paid out than work completed by the contractor.

Cornerstone has a selection of finish materials for the investor to choose from.  We handle all material ordering and deliveries.

Once the rehab is completed, Cornerstone walks through the project with the client to ensure everything is satisfactory.